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Douglas George – Kanentiio (Akwesasne Mohawk) is a lecturer, renowned author and award winning journalist.  He is nationally recognized as a primary source of information about Iroquois politics and culture. His expertise has been relied upon and sought after by historians, film producers as well as television documentary directors.

He is a columnist for News From Indian Country and Indian Timepublications. Kanetiio’s writings have also been printed in such publications as the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Toronto Star and the  London Free Press. Kanentiio served as editor of  Akwesasne Notes, a bimonthly international journal about indigenous people worldwide, for six years. He is the recipient of the "Wassaja Award" for his contributions to journalism, the highest honor bestowed by the Native American Journalists Association, and was also featured in Gentlemen's Quarterly (GQ) Magazine.

Kanentiio is the author of the books Skywoman, Iroquois on Fire and Iroquois Culture and Commentary as well as a contributor to the texts Treaty of Canandaigua, A Seat at the Tableand Sovereignty, Colonialism and the Indigenous Nations. For more information, visit:www.heyehhwatha.com

He also served as a technical and historical  consultant for the films Haiwatha’s Story by Think Film Inc. and The Discovery Channel, the IMAX film Man Who Would Be King, as well as for the television series called How the West Was Lost.