Celebrating our 22nd Anniversary!  •  Sunday, June 2, 2024  •  11am-6pm  •  Inwood Hill Park



The Children's Cultural Center of Native America is part of Nitchen, a non-profit devoted to education and social support for Native Americans in the New York metro area.

The Children’s Cultural Center of Native America fosters intercultural understanding between Native peoples and non-natives by providing accurate historical, cultural and contemporary programming to children, parents and teachers. Through workshops, classes, exhibits and performances presented by Indigenous peoples, participants gain a fair and balanced understanding of First Nations Peoples of the Americas.

The museum has a cadre of experienced educators, facilitators, researchers and writers who provide direction and training to corporations, schools, museums and other institutions interested in learning about Native American cultures. In addition, gifted artists including puppeteers, poets, dancers, actors and other performers are available for presentations.

Director Irma LaGuerre was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, and is of Aztec, Tarasco and Taino heritage. She is an accomplished actress and singer having appeared in lead roles on the Broadway stage, as well as in
off-Broadway and regional theater houses. She graduated from the Manhattan School of Music with a Masters of Music degree.  She is a past director and co-founder of FAN (Family Awareness network).  Ms. Laguerre conducts workshops in making Story Teller bags and Native American storytelling throughout the NY metropolitan area for schools, parks departments and at Pow Wows.